Angela Forrest is a Galamaii woman from Western Australia.  Although a Noongar woman she has worked predominately in Tasmania.  Angela is a senior lecturer at the University of Tasmania, plays a pivotal role in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health. Her responsibilities extend to tutoring case-based learning and providing essential support to Indigenous students as they embark on their journey in medicine. Angela is committed to fostering a culturally inclusive environment and is passionate about the autonomy of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and bringing positive change through education and community collaboration.

Prior to studying Medicine Angela worked as an Aboriginal Health Worker and Aboriginal Liaison Officer at one of the main hospitals in Tasmania.  She was an inaugural member of AIDA and served on the AIDA board in 2013 and 2014.  Angela was previous chair of the IGPRN.  Currently Angela also works in General Practice in Southern Tasmania and is the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Rep for the Tasmanian RACGP.