Regular workshops, meetings and opportunities for sharing challenges, successes and ideas around Indigenous health education implementation will progressed. A Colleges peer network, similar to the LIME Reference Group, will be explored.

The 1st LIME/AIDA Indigenous Health Education Workshop for Specialist Medical Colleges was held in Canberra at The Australian National University on 12-13 March 2019. Participants included representatives from each of the Medical Specialist Colleges in Australia, the New Zealand College of General Practitioners, the Australian Indigenous Doctors’ Association, Medical Deans Australia and New Zealand and the Australian Medical Council. The event was facilitated by Peter O’Mara, Shannon Springer, Kelvin Kong, Lilon Bandler and David Paul.

  • Workshop 1: Evaluation Report – LIME/AIDA Indigenous Health Education Workshop for Specialist Medical Colleges – March 2019
  • Workshop 2: A College-focused workshop was held at LIME Connection VIII in Christchurch – November 2019
  • Workshop 3: Evaluation Report – Thinking about Race, Colonisation And Medicine – June 2020
  • Workshop 4: Evaluation Report – Indigenous Specialist Medical College Trainees in Australia and Aotearoa – December 2020
  • Workshop 5: Evaluation ReportCultural Safety: Starting a Conversation – April 2021

Workshops held during 2020 – 2021 have been delivered online and have been well received. The LIME Secretariat will consider the format of the workshops in 2022.