Kay’s home country is on Gunagarri land near Mitchell in south-west Queensland.  Her family ties are to the Bidjara people from close to the Carnarvon Ranges (debated whether through direct descent or early settler relationship). Kay moved away from the region to study medicine and now lives and work in Toowoomba, Qld.  Her connections with the community are now mostly through running early childhood centres in Mitchell, Charleville and Surat.    

Kay is the Subdean for the Griffith Rural Medical Program predominantly delivering a longitudinal integrated clerkship for 50 medical students on year long rural placements.  Kay works with an amazing team as a general practitioner in an ACCHO Goolburri Aboriginal Health Advancement.  She is also in the very early stages of a PhD through James Cook University looking at assessment of Indigenous cultural competency in the primary care setting.  As an Executive Director of a not-for-profit medical education company, Kay is privileged to support delivery teaching and learning activities to a variety of learners (eg ALS, continuing professional development, VET courses).

Kay has been a part of the LIME Network few years now and eagerly consume LIME webinars and workshops.