The Australasian College for Emergency Medicine has developed a comprehensive e-learning series covering a range of topics in Indigenous health and Cultural Competency.

The modules have an ED context but the principles, knowledge and skills explored will be relevant for many other health practitioners as well.

The modules in the series are publically available and can be accessed on

They include case studies, videos of interviews with doctors, aboriginal liaison officers and cultural educators, and are grounded in the evidence of how culturally competent care can improve patient outcomes.

Module 1 Introduction to culturally competent care in the ED 
Module 2 Culturally competent communication in the ED
Module 3 Understanding health literacy and diversity of health beliefs
Module 4 Understanding language diversity and working with interpreters
Module 5 Improving ED access and experiences for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients
Module 6 Collaborative Practice: Understanding the role of Aboriginal Liaison Officers and families in ED care
Module 7 Culturally Competent Discharge Planning
Module 8 Culturally Competent End of Life Care
Module 9 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Presentations
Module 10 Refugee and Migrant Presentations

Suggested Maori Health Modules
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Foundation Course in Cultural Competency