A special edition of the Australian and New Zealand Association for Health Professional Educators (ANZAHPE) Focus on Health Professional Education journal, co-published by ANZAHPE and the LIME Network, was released in August 2011. 

As the first special edition journal published in the world with a specific focus on Indigenous medical education, the journal includes papers from Australian, New Zealand, Hawai’ian and Canadian medical educators, which were developed from presentations given at LIME Connection III in 2009. 

The development of this journal provided a unique opportunity for Indigenous and non-Indigenous academics to publish in the area and also be involved in the academic peer review process.

The journal includes the following articles:

  • Advancing Indigenous health through medical education – O. Mazel and I. Anderson
  • Lessons learned and pathways forward: Indigenous medical workforce development in Canada since 2004 – M. Anderson DeCoteau and B. Lavallee
  • Te Ara: A pathway to excellence in Indigenous health teaching and learning – R.G. Jones
  • Indigenous simulated patient programs: A three-nation comparison – S.C. Ewen, S.G. Pitama, K. Robertson and M.L. Kamaka
  • Learning about Indigenous health: Immersion and living with Elders in northern Canada – M. Jong
  • Turning the corner: Assessment: a key strategy to engagement and understanding in Indigenous health – D. Paul, C. Allen and P. Edgill
  • Scenario planning in Indigenous health – L. Meyer, L.R. Jackson Pulver, S. Fitzpatrick and M.R. Haswell
  • Cultural literacy and Indigenous health in medical education – S.C. Ewen
  • Is current education for health disciplines part of the failure to improve remote Aboriginal health?  – F.B. McConnel, S. Demos and D. Carson
  • Improving cultural sensitivity to Indigenous people in Australian hospitals: A continuous quality improvement approach – A. Chong, R. Renhard, G. Wilson, J. Willis and A. Clarke

A copy of the journal has been provided to all ANZAHPE members and LIME Connection IV delegates will receive a copy of the journal in their conference bag. 

To purchase additional copies, please contact ANZAHPE on E: or T: +61 478 313 123.