The Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test (PPVT-III) is a test which is currently used in New Zealand both clinically and in research to measure receptive vocabulary skills (Phillips, McNaughton, & MacDonald, 2004; Reese & Read, 2000; Stockman, 2000). This research investigated issues of cultural bias by comparing PPVT-III scores obtained by 46 Maori children from three different age groups (5-11 years) with scores from the standardisation sample. Results revealed that the PPVT-III appeared to be suitable for use with Maori as a receptive vocabulary measure, although a number of suggestions were made as to ways in which the administration and interpretation of PPVT-III test scores could be adjusted when working with Maori in order to minimise the impact of cultural bias. Additional research is required to establish whether changes to potentially culturally biased items may improve the validity of the PPVT-III for use with Maori.