Since 2003, Indigenous health education to medical students at The University of New South Wales (UNSW) has been integrated throughout the undergraduate program. One approach to this has been through two-hour tutorials. One such tutorial is entitled ‘Cultural Training: Communicating with Indigenous Patients’, which aims to cover cultural competency and safety; i.e., to identify factors limiting the effectiveness of communication between doctors and patients from Indigenous communities, and identify strategies to improve communication. This integration is an ongoing process. In 2011, modules delivered concurrently during one two-hour face to face tutorial to approximately 250 students were updated and are described in this case study. Muru Marri Indigenous Health Unit is responsible for supporting Faculty staff in ensuring any teaching in Aboriginal health conforms to best practice models; the Unit is involved in regular reviews of course content, working closely with relevant course convenors. This program is a collaborative effort between Muru Marri, the School of Public Health and Community Medicine and the Faculty of Medicine.