Beyond Bandaids is a collection of 16 papers from the CRCAH Social Determinants of Aboriginal Health Workshop held in Adelaide in July 2004.

The monograph presents a perspective on how social and economic factors affect Indigenous Australians’ health and coincides with a growing interest in the topic, as embodied in the establishment of the Commission on the Social Determinants of Health (CSDH) in 2005 by the World Health Organization. Beyond Bandaids suggests fruitful directions for further inquiry into how these factors can be made more health promoting. Authors (individuals and/or groups) reviewed the literature on particular factors and made recommendations for the evolving CRCAH Social Determinants of Indigenous Health research program, discussed in the conclusion of this monograph.

Chapters cover a range of topics, including Koori perspectives of the social determinants of health; education and its impact on health; material social determinants of income, poverty, employment and the physical environment; the less visible, but vital, aspects of social and emotional wellbeing, community development, effective means of governance, and the value of social capital; law and justice, including an overview of constitutional rights issues for Indigenous peoples and a case study of the Koori Court in Victoria; also aspects of culture as it impacts the health of Indigenous Australians.