Muru Marri’s Professor Lisa Jackson Pulver and Sally Fitzpatrick collaborated with Lois Meyer from the SPHCM postgraduate team to produce a short documentary ‘Ending Indigenous health inequalities within our lifetime’ (recently presented at the 2009 LIME Connection III). This documentary presents the perspectives of a number of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal community leaders and health experts from urban and remote Australia on how to approach the current health disadvantage faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

The DVD is inspired by the Close the Gap campaign for Indigenous health equality, including the signing of the Close the Gap Statements of Intent across the country, and the commitment of substantial funds towards this end by the Council of Australian Governments. The DVD is designed to be used as a scenario building tool in either face-to-face and via online workshop delivery and is currently being implemented in group assignment work within the elective PHCM9630 “Indigenous Health in Australia”.

The DVD resource has been funded through a Learning and Teaching Grant won by Lois Meyer and collegues from the university and is part of a larger project they are undertaking in developing scenario based learning strategies within the SPHCM postgraduate programs.

More Information:
Pod cast: ‘Ending Indigenous health inequalities within our lifetime’ video [Streamed and Podcast]
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