The Medical Specialist Outreach Assistance Program – Indigenous Chronic Disease (MSOAP-ICD) guidelines partner the MSOAP-ICD Policy Framework. 

1.1 Aims and Objectives of the MSOAP- ICD 

The aim of the MSOAP–ICD measure is to increase access to a range of health services, including expanded primary health care, provided to people in rural and remote Indigenous communities for the treatment and management of chronic disease. 

The MSOAP-ICD measure will focus service delivery in outreach locations on the following chronic conditions: 

• Diabetes; 

• Cardiovascular disease; 

• Chronic respiratory disease; 

• Chronic renal (kidney) disease; and 

• Cancer. 

The objectives of the MSOAP-ICD measure are to: 

• support health professionals to provide outreach services to rural and remote 

Indigenous communities; 

• increase the range of services offered by visiting health professionals to detect, 

manage and prevent chronic disease more effectively; 

• foster the collaboration between health services in the local Indigenous community 

and visiting health professionals to target the delivery of essential treatment to 

patients with chronic disease; 

• improve ongoing management and continuity of patient care; 

• provide up-skilling opportunities in the outreach location; and 

• work with communities to build knowledge and support informed self-care.