The Remote Area Health Corps (RAHC) has created a suite of online clinical training modules designed for health professionals working, or preparing to work in health centres across remote Indigenous communities in the Northern Territory (NT). The free modules, known as The RAHC Introduction to Remote Health Practice Program (online) aim to provide health professionals, many of whom have not had remote Indigenous primary health care experience in the past, with a basic introduction.

RAHC was established in late 2008 as part of the Australian Government’s Expanding Health Service Delivery Initiative in the NT and part of the effort to help ‘Close the Gap’ and improve Indigenous health outcomes. RAHC recruits and supports urban-based health professionals including General Practitioners, registered nurses and midwives, allied health and dental professionals for paid, short-term placements ranging from three to twelve weeks, in health clinics serving remote Indigenous communities in the NT. After two years of service the program has now filled over 1000 health professional placements at the request of local NT communities.

The online training program has taken over two years to develop and roll out, with the individual modules taking approximately three to six months to build, depending on the content and complexity of the module. Each module allows for a basic orientation to specific areas relevant to local clinical practice.

Each module has been designed to be self-directed and encourage autonomous learning. Module completion varies from between thirty minutes to two hours.

The RAHC Introduction to Remote Health Practice program (online) includes the following modules:

  • Introduction to Indigenous Health
  • Communication and Education
  • Chronic Conditions Management
  • Mental Health
  • Paediatrics
  • Maternity
  • Major Incident Management
  • Managing Medical Emergencies
  • Trachoma, Ear Health and Oral Health

More modules, including a Cultural Awareness module, are currently in development.

All RAHC online modules are accredited with the Royal College of Nursing Australia , the Royal Australian College General Practitioners and the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine . RAHC Certificates of Completion are awarded for all completed modules to ensure documentation of professional development.

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