This project arose out of the Medical Deans – AIDA 2008 Collaboration Agreement. It commenced in September 2010 and was completed in February 2012. The project, managed by Joe Cavanagh, highlights best practice and issues impacting on Australian medical schools’ implementation of the CDAMS (now Medical Deans) Indigenous Health Curriculum Framework and the Australian Indigenous Doctors’ Association’s Healthy Futures Report.

Over the course of the project a total of 275 individuals participated in interviews and focus groups within all Australian medical schools. Participants included all Deans of Medicine, members of the LIME Network, medical staff and students.

The Final Report, which can be accessed at, provides a comprehensive overview of the major findings.

The report also presents a set of recommendations. The recommendations were endorsed by Medical Deans and AIDA in separate processes undertaken during February, 2012. In endorsing the recommendations of the Medical Deans – AIDA National Medical Education Review, at the Deans meeting on 22 February, 2012, it was noted that with respect to implementation of recommendations one, two, three and six, which focus directly on medical schools, local contextual issues will need to be accommodated. Medical Deans also agreed to review progress on these recommendations on a regular basis to ensure accountability.

The Review Project was supported by financial assistance from the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing.