The Pre-Medicine and Pre-Dentistry programme was implemented in 1997 to offer students a feel for what University medical and dental courses are about by introducing them to the course content of mainstream medicine and dentistry degrees. The programme prepares students for study in medicine and dentistry, by helping them to develop the necessary skills, competence and learning strategies needed to successfully handle the workload requirements of a medical or dentistry course.

The Centre for Aboriginal Medical and Dental Health (CAMDH) was first established in 1996 by the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Science (Faculty), at the University of Western Australia (UWA). Since its establishment, CAMDH has played a significant role in assisting the Faculty in the recruitment and retention of Indigenous medical and dental students. The Centre is collocated with the School of Indigenous studies (SIS) and both partner together to create career pathways for Indigenous students. A central recruitment strategy used by both CAMDH and SIS to gain potential Indigenous students is via the Aboriginal Pre-Medicine and Pre-Dentistry programme.