The UQ-UNMDG Project is a joint venture of the UQ School of Medicine and the UQ Medical Society (UQMS). It brings a substantial focus on Global Health to all students of the UQ Medical Program. Its impetus originates from the Head of UQ School of Medicine’s attendance at the 2007 Universitas 21 (U21) Annual Meeting.  At that meeting, Professor David Wilkinson offered UQ’s commitment to a new U21 Health Sciences Project that is currently being developed.
The U21 Project aims to address the 8 Millennium Development Goals by designing a relevant training module, to be incorporated into the curricula of health science training institutions around the world. The expectation is that each academic institution would tailor the training module according to their course requirements.

While proudly linked to the U21 initiative, the UQ-UNMDG Project retains its independence – illustrated by the dual focus on Developing World Health and Australian Indigenous Health. It will deliver teaching and training, assist medical students to have relevant clinical experiences, offer extracurricular activities and raise awareness of these issues, shaped by consultation with over 250 expert academics, clinicians, technical staff and students.