Weenthunga Health Network Inc. is a collegial Victorian network for health professionals, practitioners and workers in any health role with a desire to see improved health of First Australians. Weenthunga is a First Australian-led network which encourages inter-disciplinary collaboration between Australians and First Australians – at local and regional levels as well as across the State. 

We are very aware of the many organisational endeavours of governments, of VACCHO and its member organisations and mainstream health organisations committed to ‘Closing the Gap’ in Indigenous health and we have been liaising with their key Aboriginal health leaders. We have a strong belief in the value and benefits of collaboration between First Australians and Australians – individuals with goodwill and commitment to help make a difference – who make up the Weenthunga membership. Through the collaboration of individual members, Weenthunga can help achieve the objectives of the national Indigenous health associations and organisations like LIME.  We believe that Weenthunga members have some ‘yeast to add to the mix’ that will help see some progress in meeting key objectives in Victoria, such as being available to mentor and encourage First Australian students interested in a health career to complete their schooling and enter health studies.  

Already our membership of First Australians and Australians is drawn from the fields of: Aboriginal Hospital Liaison; Aboriginal Health Research; Close the Gap Project Work; Community Development; Dental Therapy; Diabetes Education; Dietetics; Exercise Physiology; General Practice; Health Education; Health Promotion; Health Service Management; Medicine; Mental Health Work; Midwifery; Neuropsychology; Nursing; Occupational Therapy; Optometry; Osteopathy; Psychiatry; Psychology; Physiotherapy; Podiatry; Social Work and Speech Pathology. We anticipate members from many more health roles joining as the word is passed around.  

Please join us – it is free (no fees, just goodwill and commitment!) – and it is easy to join via the website http://www.weenthunga.com.au.

For more information contact Kelli McIntosh, President and Lin Oke, Executive Officer, at
Weenthunga Health Network, .