Curtin University has announced their new resource project: Working Together: Intercultural Leadership. It is designed to assist Indigenous and non-Indigenous educators, health practitioners and other professionals build skills for delivering effective and safe services across cultural barriers.

The program consists of 6 modules with components that include:

  • Understanding intercultural leadership capabilities
  • Facilitating challenging yet safe discussions in the intercultural space
  • Courageous conversations about race
  • Reflexive practices
  • Professional, inter-personal and teaching skills and strategies
  • Tools and strategies for self-care
  • Developing an Intercultural Community of Practice

Sessions are highly interactive, with a strong focus on reflexive group work and developing mindfulness. A variety of theories, pedagogical approaches, classroom techniques and scenarios are explored in view of supporting tutors to develop their teaching and Learning capacity. A key element informing the design and content of the Intercultural Leadership program is the acknowledgement and application of Indigenous Australian epistemology.