Weenthunga has launched its video “Young Women Choosing Health” – which features presenters at the 2012 Health Day, as well as Danika, one of the students attending that day, and Steff Armstrong, Weenthunga’s Health and Education Consultant.

The purpose of the Weenthunga Health Day: Women’s Talk is to provide an opportunity for about 20 young First Australian women (Years 10 – 12) to participate in a focused health day to raise their awareness of the importance of healthy lives and to see the possibilities of health careers.  They meet and listen to a range of First Australian women health professionals and hopefully this influences their understandings and decisions with their own health and career ideas. The Weenthunga health day is a beginning for some of these young women.  Listening to these health professionals may inspire them to continue with their schooling, seek scholarships and maybe even undertake health courses – like these women before them.
The purpose of the DVD/video is to reach a much wider audience of First Australian students – to capture their interest and to illustrate good online resources which showcase health careers.