Doctor of Medicine

Entry Level



Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


4 years

Important Dates

Applications opened in early May and closed 31 May. Interviews will follow in September.

Indigenous Entry Pathway

Macquarie University has an Indigenous Entry Program. Please refer to the Indigenous Australian Pathway for more information.


Macquarie University

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Level 3, 75 Talavera Rd
Macquarie Park NSE 2113

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The Macquarie University Doctor of Medicine (Macquarie MD) is a new program embedded within an established University that has a culture of transformative learning, and within MQ Health – an academic health sciences centre that integrates patient-centred clinical care, teaching and research.

We aim to prepare our graduates for the predicted environments in which they will practice: as future leaders in healthcare, who are patient-centred and safety-focused, culturally responsive, globally aware and equipped to work within increasingly digital health systems.

Our program integrates four graduate capabilities – Scientist and Scholar, Clinical Practitioner, Engaged Global Citizen, and Professional – across the program. It aims to build within students the capacity to be ethical and reflective practitioners who are public health and systems-aware and are socially and culturally versatile; team workers who are patient-centred and safety-focused and are effective personal and digital communicators.

The Macquarie MD also builds the capacity for graduates to become scholars, research-informed practitioners and applied medical scientists.


Entry Level

Graduate entry courses are bachelor degree or Masters level courses that you can’t enter straight from school. You can only study them if you already have a degree. For medicine in Australia, and depending on the university, this degree can be either be in any field or must be a specific bachelors degree. Graduate entry medical degrees are shorter than undergraduate medical courses. The reason they’re shorter is that the university can assume that you’ve already developed the ability to learn effectively at university level and that you have an understanding of the basic sciences.

Entry Criteria

Based on your GPA, an interview and application assessed by staff at Walanga Muru, the University’s Indigenous office. Submission on GAMSAT results in optional.

Preparation Course

Our innovative and fast-tracked Bachelor of Clinical Science is designed to be the ideal preparation for the Macquarie MD and other graduate-entry medicine programs.


Indigenous Entry Pathway

Yes, Macquarie University has an Indigenous Entry Program. As an Indigenous Australian applicant, you can apply through the standard pathway or the Indigenous Australian Pathway.

Through the Indigenous Australian Pathway your application will be individually assessed by staff at Walanga Muru, the University’s Indigenous office, and the faculty. You will automatically receive a three per cent bonus to your weighted GPA, submission of GAMSAT results is optional, and you will receive guidance during the application and interview process. You will need to achieve a minimum weighted GPA of 5.0 out of 7.0.

Please refer to the Indigenous Australian Pathway for more information.


What assistance is available to me?

Yunggorendi First Nations Centre for Higher Education and Research

Yunggorendi First Nations Centre for Higher Education and Research provides a focal point for Indigenous students, encouraging and supporting students’ participation and success in higher education. The Centre provides an Orientation program, financial support and Indigenous tutorial assistance (ITAS).

University Scholarships

Indigenous Specific Scholarships

Mainstream Scholarships

Financial Assistance

Centrelink – ABSTUDY

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