The Bachelor of Science (Advanced)/Doctor of Medicine (MD) program (BSc(Adv)/MD) (ATSI) or Bachelor of Medical Science/ Doctor of Medicine (MD) program (ATSI) program (BMedSc/MD) (ATSI)

Entry Level

School Leaver Provisional


Camperdown Campus (Sydney), New South Wales, Australia


7 years

Important Dates

Sept: University Admissions Centre (UAC) applications close

January: Interviews held

Indigenous Entry Pathway

Yes, The University of Sydney has an Indigenous Science Medicine Program. Please refer to the  DOUBLE DEGREE MEDICINE – UNDERGRADUATE ENTRY for more information.


The University of Sydney (USYD)

Sydney Medicial School

Edward Ford Building A27
The University of Sydney
Camperdown NSE 2006

Contact Information


The Double Degree Medicine pathway allows school leavers to combine an approved three-year undergraduate degree with the four-year graduate-entry Doctor of Medicine (MD). Please note that entry into Double Degree Medicine is extremely competitive.

Combined with the emphasis on practical, problem-based learning in the Medical Program, the combined pathway enables students to develop a strong background in a broad range of areas. Once the approved undergraduate degree is completed, normal Sydney Medical School progression requirements will apply as the student enters the MD program.


Entry Level

School leaver provisional
School leaver provisional entry pathways are offered by universities that have graduate-entry medical courses. They guarantee school leavers a place in the graduate entry MD on the condition that they first complete a bachelor level degree course at the university and meet specified conditions (such as maintaining a particular grade point average and finishing the degree in the normal minimum time period).

Entry Criteria

The selection into the course is based on academic marks (an ATAR or equivalent of 90 or above will be considered) and the outcome of an Interview.

Preparation Course

The Cadigal Orientation and Academic Skills Workshop is a two week program designed to equip new Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander undergraduate students with skills in Academic Writing, Essay Structure, Critical Thinking, Oral Presentation, Research Methods and Time Management skills; as well as other necessary skills essential to developing competency to assist with the first year of academic study at the University of Sydney.


Indigenous Entry Pathway

Yes, The University of Sydney has an Indigenous Science Medicine Program. Please refer to the  DOUBLE DEGREE MEDICINE – UNDERGRADUATE ENTRY for more information.

Indigenous applications must be made through the Cadigal Alternative Entry Program of the Koori Centre and also through the University Admissions Centre (UAC) showing preferred courses at the University of Sydney. Proof of identify as an Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander is required. Students admitted under the Cadigal Program are also required to attend the Cadigal Orientation and Academic Skills Workshops.


Additional Information

  • Assumed knowledge is Mathematics or HSC Mathematics Extension 1. Other assumed knowledge depends on Science degree chosen (BSc(Adv) or BMedSc). All students in the Science-Medicine program must take some units of study in mathematics.
  • Students who do not enrol in either the BSc(Adv) or BMedSc are required to complete 3 units of study in the Science Faculty (Biology, Physics and Chemistry) during their undergraduate degree.
  • Students must complete the initial Bachelor degree within three years (or four years with honours), excluding any authorised periods of suspension, and maintain a credit average in that degree for admission to the MD.
  • Student are also required to complete an observational elective and written critical reflection assignment for a non-credit unit of study prior to entering the Medical program.


What assistance is available to me?

Koori Centre
The Koori Centre provides programs, services and facilities to encourage and support the involvement of Indigenous Australians in all aspects of tertiary education at the University of Sydney. The Centre provides tutorial assistance, access to computers, an Indigenous Research Library, study space, an orientation program at the beginning of the year and assistance in study and learning skills.

University Scholarships

Accommodation Information Services

Financial Assistance

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