How to Prepare for Your First Medical Internship

An internship is the next step towards the actual practice of the medical profession after completing medical school. Medical students or Doctor of Medicine degree holders would already be free from academic obligations once they get diplomas, but the learning does not stop there. In fact, it goes on in the form of a medical internship at your chosen health institution such as a hospital or clinic. Medical internship is also called “residency”. It can vary between three and seven years depending on your chosen field of specialization. The best thing about completing this rigorous, albeit enriching program is that you get paid with just compensation while training and at the same time assuming the position as a resident doctor. The American Medical Association (AMA) conducted research revealing insight into a resident doctor’s stipend and benefits. It was found out that the salaries of medical interns vary per year of their training. For 2014-2015, MD interns get paid more than $45,000 for their 1st year and as high as $70,000 in their 8th year of residency.